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Master of Jurisprudence in Law & Employment Labor Title IX Certificate Training

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Online HR Degree Program Highlights

Dedicated to helping human resources (HR) professionals increase their overall knowledge and effectiveness, Tulane University Law School’s online Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law (MJ-LEL) employs a collaborative learning environment where practical application is front and center.

Associate professor Elizabeth Townsend-Gard explains the unique opportunities the online HR program offers. She addresses the importance of those working with the law every day to have a strong grasp of its ins and outs, rhetoric and applications.

Earn your Master of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment Law from Tulane University Law School, and enjoy the following benefits:
  1. Powerful experiences and insights. Improve your understanding of the laws that govern the practice of human resources, your ability to communicate and collaborate with lawyers and other legal professionals, and your own workplace results and job satisfaction.

  2. Career impact that counts. With the expertise you’ll gain through the MJ-LEL program, your job effectiveness will increase, and you’ll quickly become a highly valued contributor on the job. You’ll become more adequately self-sufficient and will prove to be a huge asset to your organization as you save money, reduce risks and improve workplace culture.

  3. A rigorous education, with the flexibility of online learning. Enjoy the flexibility of online learning so you can participate from anywhere. The only on-campus requirement for the degree is one multi-day Immersion Weekend on Tulane’s campus in New Orleans, where you’ll gain face-to-face connection and intellectual synthesis.*

  4. Practical lessons that enhance your life and career. Through your daily conversations with classmates and faculty, and through your master’s capstone experience, you’ll learn practical lessons and hone new skills that you can put to immediate use. You’ll walk away with the ability to train employees about sexual harassment, to deal effectively with unions, to engage in collective bargaining, to mediate disputes or participate in the arbitrations of labor disputes, to create personnel manuals, to lead executive searches that are EEOC-compliant and much more.

  5. Expert faculty who inspire. You’ll be taught by faculty members who are national and international authorities on labor and employment issues, like program director Joel Wm. Friedman, author of the most widely adopted law school textbook on employment discrimination law (The Law of Employment Discrimination, Foundation Press, 10th edition, 2015).

  6. Unrivaled value. Tulane is reputable, rigorous, accessible and affordable. At just $34,500 for the entire program, the investment in your graduate education can reap returns that far exceed your expectations.

  7. Connections for life. Study alongside other human resource professionals, business owners, executives and office managers with personnel responsibilities. The dynamic nature of the program will ensure that you form professional and personal connections that create a life-long network of classmates and faculty who can help support and accelerate your career.

  8. Distinct pride. Accomplish something that very few people do—earning a graduate degree from a prestigious, nationally ranked university and a top law school.